Psonar – The Streaming Music Revolutiono

As music download sales flatten, on-demand streaming has become the fastest growing way for people to listen to the music they choose. Yet streaming on subscription, with an annual fee of £120, $120 or €120 for access on mobile devices, is unaffordable for many people (and most people in the developing world).

Psonar’s innovative Pay Per Play model offers ‘pay as you go’ access to streaming music from as little as 1p, 1c or 1€c per play. Users buy credit in micro amounts (as little as 50p or 50c) paying through their mobile bill (contract or pre-pay) or by card.

In the mid 1990s, access to mobile phones was revolutionised by the introduction of ‘pay as you go’. From launch in 1995, pre-pay access has grown to 343M people in Europe alone, accounting for 52% of all mobile connections. In the rest of the world pre-pay now accounts for over 80% of mobile connections.

Psonar Pay Per Play can revolutionise access to music in the same way that ‘pay as you go’ revolutionised access to mobile.

Our mission – to bring the most popular music, both international and local, to people wherever they live and no matter their means.

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