What is Psonar?

Psonar is Pay As You Go music streaming on your mobile. There’s no commitment or subscription and no annoying ads. Listen to as much (or as little) music as you want and only pay for what you play.

How does it work?

Unlike other streaming services, Psonar is Pay As You Go. Top-up for more plays and pay via your mobile (pre-pay or contract). Plays never expire.

How much does it cost?

Download the FREE app and start using Psonar today using the FREE plays we’ve given you as our thank you for joining. After that listen to any track for just UK: 2p / US: 2c / EU: 2€c / MY: 2 sen per play. 10 plays cost just UK: 20p / US: 20c / EU: 20€c / MY: 20 sen. There is no monthly subscription fee and no commitment.

How do I pay?

If you are on a contract mobile tariff you can pay straight to your phone bill. If you are on a PAYG mobile tariff, you can pay using your pre-pay balance.

What can I do on Psonar?

Listen to the latest international and local music from your favourite artists. Create your own playlists from the millions of tracks in the Psonar catalogue. Listen to Psonar’s specially curated playlists. Discover and share new music with your friends.

Does it work on my phone / tablet / computer?

Psonar has apps for Android and iPhone. Get the app.